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How can Reality Software help your small business?


With Reality Software, Reality Technology deliver complete technology solutions.

Reality Software can assist in two ways.

First, RS Compliance Manager™ can be used by small business owners to find government work where their skills and talents can be utilized.  Participate as a prime contractor or increase your subcontracting chances by finding out who is now getting government work in your area(s) of expertise.  Most federal, state, and local government strongly encourage subcontracting on contracts over a certain dollar threshold.  RS Compliance Manager™ also affords small business owners the opportunity to discover and potentially license government funded research to use in their operation to improve or expand what they do.

Second, small business owners are use to having to buy hardware and software from one vendor, then forced to either do it themselves or get professional technology services from another vendor, and finally hope for the best.  Reality Software® was designed to provide small business owners with a one stop approach to technology.  With over 80,000 hardware, software, and service items in our online store and access to skilled technology professionals in all major areas of technology, Reality Software® can be tailored to each small business owner’s specific need.  Your small business uniqueness is rewarded not obscured by software designed for the so-called masses by some large conglomerate. Our solutions are designed to leverage the latest advances in cloud based technology including Fedramp certification so you can stay current and relevant.  Thus allowing you to utilize more of your office space for other important business needs.  Whether your business is serving government, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, financial, AEC, or High Tech, we can design, implement, and support a solution for your small business specific need.  You focus on your business and we make sure you have just the right amount of technology.

Now that’s Technology for the Real world®.  To find the right solution for your business contact us at 303-757-1107 ask for extension 101, or request a quote at, or click here.  Or just email us at