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Compliance simplified

When government operates in compliance and under the same laws it creates for its citizens and businesses, everyone benefits.

When the goal is creating an environment of fairness for all rather than merely more small businesses, everyone benefits.

That is why it is imperative that we have a government that is not just “open data”, but is also open and compliant with our laws in its “operations”.

To accomplish this requires technology that focuses on the economy as a whole rather than just the finance of government which most traditional software does.

That is why we developed Reality Software®. Reality Software is technology focused on improving the economy.  Establishing an environment of competitive fairness for all small businesses rather than catering to a few elites is a core component.  Reality Software can be cloud based or on premise.  It lets government, government contractors, non-profits, small businesses, and those with government oversight monitor and manage compliance at the operational level ensuring that outcomes meet expectations intended by our laws and/or ordinances.  It can be used by lawmakers, program managers, government contractors, small business owners, small business program managers, corporate diversity managers, and others entrusted with ensuring that government operational outcomes meet the intent and expectation of our public laws and/or ordinances.

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